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Mater Engineering’s Qualifications
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Forest Products Industry


Mater Engineering has been servicing the forest products industry in products marketing and engineering/design work for worldwide clients over 55 years.  Mater Engineering specializes in providing an experienced look at issues facing the Forest Products Industry.  We have been leaders, over the decades, in most of the changes which have faced the industry; automation; utilization of residue, small logs, and new species; environmental regulation and forest policy changes; globalization of the industry and markets; emergence of certification as a market factor; and special forest products.  Summaries of our experience in the Forest Products Industry can be found in the following pages:


·        Forest Products Manufacturing and Marketing


·        Forest Products Industry Based Economic Development


·        Experience with “Low Grade Timber” and Residue Utilization


·        Special Forest Products Utilization and Analysis


·        Forest Products Industry Expert Services


·        Mater Engineering’s Personnel


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